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Walk with shelter dogs from One of A Kind Rescue in Akron

Thursday, August 10, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT

This meetup is in conjunction with other groups–YOLO, and Akron hiking group.

Be a part of reducing kennel related stress and anxiety and improve a shelter dog’s behavior, thus finding them a forever home.

One Of A Kind Rescue is a no-time-limit shelter and no adoptable animal is euthanized. Many of their animals come from Animal Control Facilities (the pound) just prior to their scheduled euthanasia. We walk our dogs from their clinic, where dogs are first examined and treated before going to their Rescue center where they can be adopted. 

Our goal is to have a walker for every dog! Let’s not disappoint these beautiful babies that need our TLC!

We will walk with our furry four legged friends in the park for one hour. Details are as follows:

6:00 PM: Arrive at One Of A Kind Clinic at the back door and meet your event organizer to sign in with your name and phone number. Treats and bags will be available at the sign-in spot, we suggest grabbing these before you pick your pup.

You will then go inside of the clinic, where employees at One Of A Kind will be available inside to assist you if needed. You are welcome to ask for a dog that may be suited to your activity level. Any dog that has a leash hanging on its cage is available to go for a walk. (Please note: Dogs that do NOT have a leash on their cage are not available due to recent surgeries, sickness, or behavioral concerns.) 

Information about each dog is listed on a sheet on their cage. Please make note of your dog’s name (listed on this sheet) before exiting the clinic so you can give it to the event organizer and they can write it on the sign-in sheet next to your information. Occasionally a dog will not have an information sheet on their cage, this means that they have just arrived at the clinic that day, sometimes only minutes before our arrival. If this happens, ask an employee for your dog’s name. Please be sure to have your cell phone on you before leaving for the walk in case of an emergency.

Take a short walk (one block) to Hardesty Park and enjoy hiking around the 18 acres! Hardesty Park does have a walking trail, but you are free to roam in the grass as well. The event organizer can lead you to the park if this is your first time attending this event. We do not usually walk as a group–this is a self-guided walk–because dogs may behave aggressively towards one another. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to have your dog meet and greet and spend time with other dogs while at the park, but please remain cautious while doing so. A water station with water bowls for the dogs will be on your left when you enter the park. 

At 7:00 PM you will bring your dog back to the clinic. Please do not bring your dog back before 7:00, the clinic employees use the time that we are gone to clean out all of the cages and need sufficient time to do so.

Feel free to take pictures and share them on here, we love seeing your pictures and it could help a dog get adopted!

What to bring: 
Water, cell phone, and hiking shoes. 
We will provide water in bowls, bags, and treats for the dogs. 

Optional donations welcome. These include blankets, dry/wet food, treats, harnesses, leashes, newspaper, and cleaning supplies.

For your safety and the safety of the dogs: 
No dog off leash 
Please leave your dog at home

Hope you can join us in making a difference in these precious lives.