It’s My Day To Find Things To Do Near Me

A great rear view of a woman doing her thing!

This is my day for the things I want to do!

Today Is For Amusement

It’s the weekend and you are just starting your day. You awoke feeling really good today. While having that ever so wonderful first cup of coffee you are wondering, you are contemplating what you are going to do today.

You are relieved because you have nothing specific that you absolutely must do today, or tomorrow for that matter. The day is yours for the taking and making. Fortunately the sun is out and shinning to warm you through your big picture window as it filters through your neighbors tall eucalyptus tree and you are gazing across the landscape. It’s a bit rural there but you are still close enough to a sizable city that provides you with relatively convenient access to city life with all kinds stuff to do. There are workshop and fitness class events covering a wide spectrum. There are shows and exhibits, street fairs, music, theater and yard sales galore. Now you begin to think I will find things to do near me today.

You take a slurp of that dark roasted java, your favorite, while searching for ideas of possible nearby fun things to do.

Weekend Activity Warrior

You remember a website,, that has all kinds of new and ever changing thingstodonearme like… meetups, activities and events listed like a calendar, but with detailed information organized by categories of interest, dates and with locations of events also shown on a map for directions. You can see just how close or far they are; the things to do near me. You can also get the hours of when the activity is happening, decide if you want to participate and when to show up. You can even pre-register for events and buy tickets if the event requires it. has things to do in and around just about every city in every state – it’s amazing!

The Event

When you need to get out of the house and do something it’s great to find so many activities, attractions, and events all in one place… fairs, fitness classes, festivals, music and concerts, workshops, arts and crafts, exhibits, club sponsoring events. meetup groups and sports events too. Now it’s time to call some buddies or gather the wife and kids, for today is for amusement.

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