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Order Your Permanent Name Tag Here! ONLINE ONLY!

This event does not physically meet so please ignore the date and time. The event is only set up to facilitate the ordering of a permanent nametag with your RSVP.


The biggest expense of running Celebrate Atlanta as a free social group is name tags. Unless we are temporarily out of them, we use very expensive 3M name tags because they are much higher quality and stick. We get them online but even then they run about 4 cents for each name tag.  To cut down on this cost, one of our organizers came up with a high quality name tag that reusable that uses a magnet or fastener.  You may have seen some of the organizers wearing them recently.

Members are under no obligation to order a name tag and we will continue to use the stick on name tags but the permanent name tags look much better and are high quality for a very low price. By purchasing one, you will help defray the cost of running the group.

Therefore, Order your personalized Celebrate Atlanta Name Tag today! Gold or Silver with magnetic clasp.  Will be delivered by mail.  Name Tag does not guarantee RSVP or entry; standard RSVP and check-in procedures apply. Proceeds will be used to offset ongoing Celebrate Atlanta operating expenses.

To purchase a name tag, simply pay by clicking “going” and you will be led to PayPal.  Make sure you let us know if you want gold or silver, how you want your name spelled, and mailing name and address by answering the attached questions.


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Let’s Go Camping On our on Private Island “Cabretta Island ” on Sapelo Island

Let’s Go Camping On our on Private Island “Sapelo Island”. Grp rate: $53 per person to camp (NON-Refundable) and you must purchase your ferry ticket. To be fair for everyone, This event is a First come-first serve, so pls do not ask us to Add you at the last minute. See below for more details.


Come join us for some pioneer camping on Cabretta Island on the western perimeter of Sapelo Island. If you’ve never been there before, it’s a nice open flat campsite nestled among the live oaks with hanging Spanish moss. In one direction you have the Savannah, and in the other, after a short walk down a sandy road, through more live oaks, and over the dunes, the Atlantic Ocean. On this beach you will find no development. Just sand dunes, ocean and occasional dolphin sightings, with a few shrimp boats offshore coasting by. Since it faces east, you get some great sunrises over the ocean. And since it’s the low country, you can even enjoy the sunsets, if you’re in the right position, like out in the ocean, or overlooking the Savannah on the west side of our special little protected estuary.

It’s a 7 mile or 22 minute ferry ride from the mainland to the dock, where we’ll unload our gear from the boat, onto their shuttle vehicle. Then they’ll drive us to campsite. You guessed it, that means you’ll be able to bring coolers, and car camping gear like the larger stoves.

The campsite has several individual private bathrooms with hot/cold showers and flush toilets, cold showers outside to rinse off the sand and salt. They have a few Adirondack shelters we typically use for storage, but can be used for sleeping, although I recommend bringing a tent or hammock. They have plenty of picnic tables, a fire ring, and safe drinking water. They also now have a dining pavilion. And it’s all ours! We’ll be the only group staying at this campsite. They do have camp hosts now, which is a state regulation, but they say it remains very private for our use.

The Atlantic here is rich with life, including the highest concentration of zoo plankton, making those night swims glow in a light green fluorescence. It’s a spectacular light show, especially on those moonless nights.

You can not bring lights down to the beach at night due to the park rules, which protect the loggerhead turtle. I recommend a headlamp with a red light, used as a beacon, so you can find your way back to the path after a nice long swim at night.

What else can you do you ask? If you’re a fisherman…fish. If you’re a crabber, bring your nets and crab. If you’re a beach bum, bring your beach umbrella and be a beach bum. If you like to read, bring a book and read in your hammock in the shade of the live oaks. If you’re a swimmer, swim. If you like to hike, you can hike for miles on the beach with nobody to tell you where to stop. But if you decide to cross the channel at low tide, make sure you come back right away, because those rip tides are very strong.


Where at all possible, pack loose items into closed containers. A good example is the plastic snap top tubs available at local discount stores. This includes cooking utensils, bedrolls, and tarps.

Do NOT bring folding tables or chairs. ( I’m bring my backpacking chair packed within my pack for the beach).

Fishing gear, most especially rods and reels, should be broken down and tightly wrapped with no hooks or lures loose or exposed. You are required to have a GA fishing permit.

Tents should be tightly wrapped and secured with no loose lines or ropes.

Tent poles should be tightly wrapped and secured so as to not become loose while on the ferry.

Do not bring loose items on to the ferry that may easily get mixed in with other freight. If your things are properly packed, your gear can be stacked together, greatly saving rear deck space.

Ferry Information:

We will need to arrive at the Visitor Center 45 min. before. The equipment needs to be on the dock 30 min before departure. You can park in the Visitor Parking Center. Cost of the Ferry is $15.00 round trip. You will be responsible to purchase your own Ferry Ticket. They only accept Cash and Check for Ferry.


Location: The Sapelo ferry and visitor center are located in Meridian, 8 miles northeast of Darien, off Highway 99.


Depart Meridian:  Friday 3:30am sharp.  That means everything has to be on the boat.

Sapelo:  Friday   9:00am  Porters will take our things to the Island and transport us 

                                               to the island until Sunday Morning where they pick us


                Sunday  4:00pm   Is the last boat off the island we depart.

We are planning on eating somewhere on the mainland, you are welcome to participate.

Directions from Atlanta,Macon and areas west:

From Atlanta, Macon and areas to the west:
Take 75 South to I-16 East. Travel on I-16 to I-95 South
Take I-95 South to Exit 58 – Eulonia, Ga.
After exiting, turn left onto GA Hwy 99 and drive approximately one mile to the Hwy 99 and 17 intersection and 4-Way stop
Cross Hwy 17 through the four-way stop and continue on GA 99
Drive approximately 9.25 miles to Meridian, GA
You will see brown signs pointing to Sapelo Island placed along the route
The last brown Sapelo sign will point for you to turn left
There is also a large rectangular sign with blue lettering for the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve (SINERR) next to Elm Grove Baptist Church.
Turn left at the sign onto Landing Road
Landings Road will make a sharp right turn and take you over a small bridge.
Park in the visitors lot, unpack your car and walk down to the ferry for check-in and boarding
(You may also drive down to the ferry to unload and then return to the lot to park your car.)

Lodging Near Meridian:

You may want to head down the day before since our start time is early. For the North of ATL. is 5hr drive the ATL people is about 4.5 hrs. it’s up to you if you need to come a day early.

The nicer hotels are 15 miles south of Meridian. Brunswick and Darien GA. There is one Hotel that is close to Meridian and it’s in Eulonia, GA. a one star hotel…… 🙁 There are several near Savanah that is North of Meridian. That is about an hour or so to Meridian. Depending on which hotel you choose.

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Bible Journaling Class

Need some bible fellowship time while you reflect on scripture and incorporate artwork, using various mediums, into your journaling bible? If so, join us for this class and learn more about what you can do to study scripture in a fun and enjoyable way.

During this class, Leisa will facilitate discussion regarding scriptures and teach some techniques you will be encouraged to incorporate. The cost of this class is $5 with the fee used to replenish and provide supplies for techniques.  PAYMENT IS DUE UPON ARRIVAL.  

To participate fully, we encourage you to bring your own bible (if you are willing to draw/write in it), consider purchasing a Journaling Bible (you can purchase them at Lifeway or Mardels and can sometimes find them on sale or can use a coupon), OR bring a journal/drawing pad (if you are not ready to take the plunge just yet). Please bring a pencil and a journaling pen (rollerball pens work great). It is with the intent that this bible journaling class be held on a monthly basis where various techniques and mediums will be taught each month.  

RSVPs close the Thursday before the event so supplies can be gathered and prepared.  If you have any questions, let us know.  

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Salvation Army #2 -Serving Supper and Smiles!

Hi Everyone! Glad you are considering volunteering at the Salvation Army! Salvation Army #2 serves the evening meal on the 4th Sunday of every month. We are a group of seasoned volunteers and first timers, so you will fit right in. We meet in the Salvation Army lobby at 4:30. We sign in, get name tags and red aprons.  We then put on our hair nets, wash our hands, put on our gloves and jump right in to serving up to 500 women, children and men a hot meal. We would love for you to join our Merry Band of Red Aproned Volunteers! NOTE: Please review the Salvation Army Dress Code under Files. Children 12 years of age and older are welcome to attend. ****PLEASE PARK IN THE BACK OF THE CENTER SO YOU WON’T GET TOWED****

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FORT WORTH Salvation Army Lunch- 4th Sunday every month

Hello Fort Worth (and Metroplex) volunteers!

Please join us at the Salvation Army Mabee Social Services Center in Fort Worth at 11:15 to serve lunch to the homeless individuals on Sunday!

The Mabee Social Service Center provides individuals and families hot meals, a place to stay and medical assistance. In addition they have a variety of residential programs designed to take a family or individual from homelessness to stable and productive members of society. On any given day this center can house 16 homeless families, 89 homeless men, 42 homeless women and 40 dually diagnosed, mentally challenged individuals. Last year alone, over 2,500 people received shelter and 165,000 nutritious meals were served at this location!

Everyday The Salvation Army is making an impact and helping the world become a little better by changing one life at a time. We can help by serving meals to the homeless individuals.

This facility is small and we have only been allotted 15 spots, so PLEASE update your RSVP as soon as possible if your plans change. We need to allow time for others to sign up who may be interested.

Children over the age of 12 are welcome to participate (with adult supervision).

The “Mabee dress code” is included in the files section, but since it is difficult to access, I have included it…


 Slacks or jeans for men.

Skirt or slacks or jeans for women.

For work in the kitchen, jeans and tennis shoes are recommended.

Shirts, blouses, sweaters and tee shirts must have sleeves and be properly closed.

Appropriate undergarments must be worn.

Shoes must be worn at all times; no flip flops.


No “see-through” material is allowed.

Low neck blouses, halter tops, bare midriff, tube tops, or strapless tops are not acceptable.

Spandex tights or provocative garments are not acceptable.

No low-riders, hip-huggers, or baggy jeans worn below the waist.

Clothing with provocative slogans, drawings, signs, gang related, or other wording or artwork that is not in keeping with the Christian philosophy of The Salvation Army is not acceptable

I hope to see you there!

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Euclid Creek Evening Hike

NOTE: For the next few months, we will be hiking after the sun goes down. There will still be enough light to see our way on the paved trail.

The trail is plowed, but it’s a good idea to wear some sort of traction on your shoes or boots in case there is ice.

This is a great weekly workout* hike. Hike at your own pace, and work your way up to a faster, longer session.

You can hike about half way up the wooded or paved, all-purpose trail to the Welsh Woods picnic area and back (about 2 or so miles), or the entire length of the park and back = about 5 miles . . . or anything in between.

*Workout: a session of vigorous physical exercise or training.

To get to the park, take I-90 to E. 185th Street; exit south. E. 185th becomes Nottingham, and after you cross Euclid Ave. (approx. 1/2 mile) it becomes Highland Rd. Euclid Creek Reservation will be on the right. Turn right onto Euclid Creek Parkway, then turn left into the Highland Picnic Area parking lot.

If you click on Cleveland Metroparks above, you will be able to click on Directions and enter your starting point for directions.

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Walk with shelter dogs from One of A Kind Rescue in Akron

This meetup is in conjunction with other groups–YOLO, and Akron hiking group.

Be a part of reducing kennel related stress and anxiety and improve a shelter dog’s behavior, thus finding them a forever home.

One Of A Kind Rescue is a no-time-limit shelter and no adoptable animal is euthanized. Many of their animals come from Animal Control Facilities (the pound) just prior to their scheduled euthanasia. We walk our dogs from their clinic, where dogs are first examined and treated before going to their Rescue center where they can be adopted. 

Our goal is to have a walker for every dog! Let’s not disappoint these beautiful babies that need our TLC!

We will walk with our furry four legged friends in the park for one hour. Details are as follows:

6:00 PM: Arrive at One Of A Kind Clinic at the back door and meet your event organizer to sign in with your name and phone number. Treats and bags will be available at the sign-in spot, we suggest grabbing these before you pick your pup.

You will then go inside of the clinic, where employees at One Of A Kind will be available inside to assist you if needed. You are welcome to ask for a dog that may be suited to your activity level. Any dog that has a leash hanging on its cage is available to go for a walk. (Please note: Dogs that do NOT have a leash on their cage are not available due to recent surgeries, sickness, or behavioral concerns.) 

Information about each dog is listed on a sheet on their cage. Please make note of your dog’s name (listed on this sheet) before exiting the clinic so you can give it to the event organizer and they can write it on the sign-in sheet next to your information. Occasionally a dog will not have an information sheet on their cage, this means that they have just arrived at the clinic that day, sometimes only minutes before our arrival. If this happens, ask an employee for your dog’s name. Please be sure to have your cell phone on you before leaving for the walk in case of an emergency.

Take a short walk (one block) to Hardesty Park and enjoy hiking around the 18 acres! Hardesty Park does have a walking trail, but you are free to roam in the grass as well. The event organizer can lead you to the park if this is your first time attending this event. We do not usually walk as a group–this is a self-guided walk–because dogs may behave aggressively towards one another. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to have your dog meet and greet and spend time with other dogs while at the park, but please remain cautious while doing so. A water station with water bowls for the dogs will be on your left when you enter the park. 

At 7:00 PM you will bring your dog back to the clinic. Please do not bring your dog back before 7:00, the clinic employees use the time that we are gone to clean out all of the cages and need sufficient time to do so.

Feel free to take pictures and share them on here, we love seeing your pictures and it could help a dog get adopted!

What to bring: 
Water, cell phone, and hiking shoes. 
We will provide water in bowls, bags, and treats for the dogs. 

Optional donations welcome. These include blankets, dry/wet food, treats, harnesses, leashes, newspaper, and cleaning supplies.

For your safety and the safety of the dogs: 
No dog off leash 
Please leave your dog at home

Hope you can join us in making a difference in these precious lives.

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